Mobile Card Machines

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Paymetryx provides carry anywhere devices. These are powered by a roaming SIM card which can work anywhere in the UK with a mobile phone signal. They’re equipped with the latest payment technology, so you can provide your customers a number of ways including: Chip, PIN and Contactless They process payments in the same way as a standard card machine, through your merchant account. All major credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are configured for Chip, PIN and Contactless Payments.

Switching to Paymetryx ?

We make switching easy and hassle free

Flexibility with a short 18 Months agreement.

Award winning customer service

Save money with no fees for PCI DSS compliance or non-compliance

Ease of Introduction

Integrates with existing payment methods

Alternative Payment Methods (APMs)

Ready to accept all major alternative payment methods, such as Apple and Google Pay

Tough Security

Compliant with the latest global regulations and PCI certified, top of the life cryptography

Easy to Use

Intuitive full color screen.

A Green Terminal

Digital receipt options minimise paper usage.

Staying Connected

Wide range of connectivity options, automatically switching to the strongest connection

Features of Mobile Card Machines

The card payment machine can also accept contactless payments –a fast, easy, and secure way for your customers to pay. It is also easy to install – follow the simple instructions to start accepting card payments within minutes.

Fully mobile card machine utilising multi-network GPRS technology for increased reliability

Inclusive of GPRS airtime contract

Simple to install and even simpler to use
Long-life battery supports transactions for extended periods of time
Powerful processor handles transactions in seconds
Contactless ready option
Meets today’s most stringent industry standards for wireless terminal security


Whether you’re serving customers at the till, rushing from table to table, or conducting business outside, our payment services keep you moving.

Card Terminals

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