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When you run a business, you want only the best. Paymetryx offers reliable Payment Solutions with low rates. Paying online has never been more popular. That is why it is important that independent businesses take advantage of accepting online payments. It could be through their website, using payment links and virtual terminals. There are a number of online payment systems available. Our Payment Gateway, Pay by Link and Phone payments with a virtual terminal solutions will enable you to be able to start taking fast, simple online payments from your customers…

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Payment Gateway

If you want to take payments through your website, an online payment gateway is crucial.

An online payment gateway is a tool that is firmly linked to your business website. Fundamentally, it takes over the role of a card terminal when paying online.

When a customer clicks through to checkout, they are pointed to your secure payment gateway. Here, they are able to enter their card details and authorise the payment using the CVV code on the back of their card.

A payment gateway makes it easy for you to stay secure when receiving payments online. None of your customers card details are stored by you, taking the responsibility of data security out of your hands.

One less thing to worry about! Selling online allows your business to expand your prospects.

Virtual Terminal

A virtual terminal is a handy tool that allows you to take payments remotely.

It saves your customers the disturbance of visiting your shop to pay using your card machine. Instead, a virtual terminal lets them pay over the phone, or even by mail order.

Paymetryx’s virtual terminals are totally flexible, allowing you to accept payments wherever you are. All you need is a device that’s connected to the internet; such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

You just log into your virtual terminal online and enter your customers card details into the secure form. The virtual terminal carries out checks on the billing address provided, confirming that it matches with their bank.

Once the cardholder’s bank has authorised the payment, the money is settled into your account three working days later.


Whether you’re serving customers at the till, rushing from table to table, or conducting business outside, our payment services keep you moving.

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